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Introduction to the Building Trades - Pre Apprentice Program.
Teaching our youth valuable trades to ensure a brighter path for their future.

Zion Community Services of PA

Zion Community Services is an essential resource for several communities: providing programs and services to assist people in overcoming challenges and improving their overall quality of life.
Our organization prioritizes education and job training, which will effectively equip individuals with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in their individual career paths. At ZCS, we create opportunities for a better future for anyone willing to learn and work toward greatness.


Repairing  St Paul AME Church

ZCS aims to create economic opportunities for marginalized communities through training and mentorship in the building trade. This empowers individuals to secure employment, achieve financial stability, and gain financial literacy for maximizing earnings.

Economic Empowerment:

At Zion Community Services, we take a holistic approach to education, understanding the interconnectedness of personal growth and well-being with academic success. We offer emotional and social support to help marginalized individuals in our communities overcome daily challenges.

Holistic Approach:

ZCS champions the transformative impact of education, granting marginalized youth and adults access to essential tools and knowledge for success in today's competitive world. Beyond the classroom, we offer mentoring and tutoring to facilitate academic excellence, bridge educational gaps, and instill a passion for learning.

Mentoring & Tutoring:

ZCS prioritizes skill development, providing participants with sought-after trade skills essential in today's job market. These skills not only enhance employability but also cultivate a sense of self-sufficiency.

Skill Development:

ZCS focuses on education and imparting practical life skills. This includes financial literacy, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities, which are all essential for personal and professional development. Beyond traditional employment training, ZCS encourages entrepreneurship within marginalized communities. We provide resources and guidance to individuals interested in starting their ownbusinesses, helping them become self-reliant. 

What We Do

Zion Community Services equips individuals with resources, opportunities, and support needed to sustain a holistic and productive lifestyle.

Our Mission

Provide a support network; while promoting the importance of higher education via the building trades, college or the workforce.

Our Vision

To show individuals how to become leaders and providers in their communities; through ethical and honest means.

Our Purpose

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Zion Community Services, in conjunction with Cornerstone Construction Company, is actively engaged in providing hands-ontraining for apprentices and delivering affordable repair services to small churches.
This program serves communities
in Lancaster, Chester, and Berks
Counties. Classes are conducted four times a year including a Summer Program, encompassing various aspects of the building trade.

Building Trades

learning how to rewire

Pre-Apprenticeship Program
(18 - 30 yrs old)

A two-week introduction to the building trade for at-risk youth aged 14-21.
Participants will receive hands-on training while also being educated on the practical soft skills necessary to obtain employment and maintain relationships in business.
This year-round engagement program is where program facilitators maintain contact with participants throughout the year. At ZCS, we foster an environment where youth gain a sense of pride and learn how to make a positive difference in their community.

Building Trades


Summer Camp
(14 - 18 yrs old)

This component of ZCS is the gift that keeps on giving. With an emphasis on preventing the "Christmas Express" (school-to-prison pipeline), students have access to many resources. These include, but are not limited to assistance with transportation, acquiring licenses, tutoring, providing a place to stay over the
summer, or during suspensions from school. Meeting formally once a week, participants are exposed to different cultures, and the gap between home, family, and school is lessened.


Young Lions at Thaddeus StevensCollege of Technology

Sometimes, we make decisions that are not the best, and a measure of grace can go a long way in righting a wrong. That's what the Reentry Program is all about....providing another chance to get it right. Transitioning back into civilization from incarceration can prove daunting, and participants seeking another chance will receive assistance with legal matters such as information on pardon and expungement; they will also receive help with employment opportunities; transportation resources, childcare, housing, and access to mental health services are all available to the participants of the Reentry Program.

Re-Entry Program

Providing A True
Second Chance in Society

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Help our organizations, and support the leaders and stewards, who guide those that enter our program.

  • Support activities and projects within our community.

  • Provide the essentials for those in crisis, via food, clothing &shelter

  • Support those returning to our communities from rehabilitation facilities

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

The ZCS Introduction to the Building Trades

Pre-Apprentice & Young Lions Program 

is all made possible

by the generous support of our proud sponsors

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